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GRABO Fest 2009 - CZ, Dětmarovice (2009-05-16, read 2501×)
16. 05. 2009, CZ, Dětmarovice, Dělnický dům

Year zero of Grabo Fest 2009 took place in Dělnický dům in Dětmarovice and was dedicated to the memory of Petr Grabovský, who was not only a huge fan of metal music, but also a good friend of several musicians. These friends paid him tribute by playing at this festival and remembered fifth anniversary of Petr’s leaving of this world. There was a DVD screened showing all videos and photos of Petr for those, who didn’t know him. The DVD was created by Luboš „Vršek“ Vršanský, who plays in band Ahard. Lots of people collaborated in  organizing this festival, from all I’d like to mention Hadgi (Disfigured Corpse), and I also thank him for inviting me.

All in all, eight bands of different metal subgenres introduced themselves here. First to come was Praselizer playing brutal pig grind metal. Very wild music with grunting and squeaking vocals. Nothing for fans of melodic metal, but surely a titbit for grind fans. Though band wasn’t much satisfied with their performance, I think they did well, except for the drum machine.

Grind metal noise was followed by a classic heavy metal played by Ahard. It was for the first time I saw their new line-up. New drummer, singer and keyboard player fit the band perfectly. Fans started to have fun, when out of the blue the power went off. It sucked, but these things simply happen. Fortunately the power went back on shortly after, so Ahard could finish their gig.

Another grind rampage was performed by Rubufaso Mukufo. I’ve heard this crazy boodle before only in split CD „Underclass“ and I was curious about how this would sound live. Indeed it was frantic. During approx. 30 minutes they played 20 songs, including cover of Brutal Truth.

The oldest and therefore the most experienced band of the festival was a grindcore band Disfigured Corpse. They surely know how to utilize their experience. Songs from different eras were played, including my most favourite „Holy Propaganda“. The fans were surely pleased with new song „Sycophants“ from the upcoming album. All Kreator’s fans (me included) were recognized cover-version of „Terrible Certainty“. What a pleasant surprise!

Fans of dark and heavy guitar sound as well as expressive rhythmic were interested in Seppuka and their groove/thrash metal. Part of their efficacious set was also a cover, this time „Ace Of Spade“ by Motörhead. It was not the only cover of this classic band this evening…

All the way from Slovakia arrived gore/grind metal band Attack Of Rage. I’ve had high expectations of this band, because I liked very much their latest record „Grindpeace.“ Majority of songs played tonight were from the last record. I have to say the live performance had more energy then CD, so I was content.

There’s no need to introduce Endless, simply because they are one of the best crossover bands in Czech Republic and all of us had to acknowledge it this evening. For this evening, the band had to perform without their original bass guitarist, for his wife was delivering. In the middle of the show it was confirmed – a daughter was born. How symbolic. A child is born when everybody reminds Petr Grabovský’s death. It reminded me the theory of life’s and death’s cycle. A moment full of emotion.

Petr Grabovský’s most favourite band were the legendary Motörhead, therefore it’s no surprised, that as the headliner of the evening, Motörhead’s Czech revival Orgasmatron was chosen. Especially their bass guitarist’s and singer’s voice was very similar to Lemmy’s one. The rest of the band of course also did their best and the typical Motörhead’s euphoria and energy was present.

With this performance, the whole festival came to its end. As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, it was a year zero, therefore next volumes can be expected. I didn’t personally know Petr Grabovský, but from the talk and the DVD I found out, that Petr loved good music and everything connected with it. I think it’s nice, that his friends paid him tribute that way. He’d surely be pleased and happy, if he could attend such a festival. But who knows, maybe he was present and maybe some of the guests felt it…



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 2009-06-22 - 18:49:59          666XHE
Díky moc za pochvalu.;-)
 2009-06-21 - 17:47:27          AliL
Díky za skvěle zpracované info z Grabofestu. Bohužel jsem se ho z důvodu pracovních povinností nemohla zůčastnit. Takto mám alespoň trošku představu jak tam asi bylo. Díky!!!
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