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Jihadist purchased Italian visas in Kosova Sot

kosova_sot_jihadist_entreing_euThe visa embarrassment at the Italian consulate in Prishtina, which has included the child of the previous Kosovo President Rugova, Uke Rugova, has taken greater extents past the Adriatic, by putting in movement the police powers. Says Kosova Sot on their daily news paper!

Italian media report that three jihadist have purchased visa for 3500 Euros and entered Italy regularly. And this is just a case that was caught by journalist not to mention the ones that have done it before so many times!

It appears to be staggering, however it is valid. Italian police are attempting to discover these persons in their nation. Kosova Sot daily news paper says that Italian goverment should make more strict laws enterting their nation after lately so many Albanians are traveling and seeing for asylym in what ever nations they feel like. In the end asylum for Kosovo Albanians or neither Albanians shouldn’t be given at any case after both nations are doing good and have plenty of jobs in their nations.

So this is why this should stop. We can tell from fare away who is a tourist traveling and who is not, after not being so close to the travelers we deal now with this problem. Refuges in Italy from Albania, Kosovo should be return as soon as possible! Says Kosova Sot on their daily news paper.

This people are giving us Albanians a bad name the hard working Albanians etc, and this is why t his thing should stop till we are a part of European Union.

One of them has been accounted for dead in a blast in Iraq, while there is no sign for the two others, as indicated by Italian media.

The examination began from the Kosovo Eulex and was proceeded by the Rome Prosecutin, which, as per the Italian media, was held mystery on the grounds that it included a few authorities.

This incorporates the previous Italian diplomat in Prishtina, who has not came about under scrutiny as such, but rather was let go directly after the outrage.

Italian powers are attempting to discover hints of the jihadists, whose whereabouts stay obscure.

Top Channel Live News: Balkans Nations Hope For EU Funds

bushati-top-channel-live-orgAfter the Balkan Conference in Berlin, the Albanian Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati, pronounced for Top Channel Live that a procedure has begun and will continue for the following four years under the consideration of Germany, yet the majority of the work is up to the nations of the area.

“A structures procedure of the relations between the EU and Balkan was made in political and monetary terms, under the consideration of Germany. It was rebuilt and ensured inside of the Balkan nations, for the way how this German activity will proceed. One year from now the gathering will be held in Austria. Until then there are various occupations that will be executed by the taking an interest nations”, Bushati proclaimed, on top channel programi

The Albanian Foreign Minister trusts that this gathering will serve to enhance the relations between the EU and Balkan nations as respects stores, to which have entry just the part nations.

“How about we not overlook that the hole in the middle of Balkan and the EU did not get smaller.Let’s trust that there will be finances later on that today are accessible just to the EU nations. This would quicken Balkan’s way to EU, and would enhance the economy in Albania and the whole area”, Bushati pronounced.

What is occurring today in Ukraine was likewise piece of the discourse, following the nations of our locale have the commitment to approach their positions to that of the EU. Albania holds the administration of the Initiative for Cooperation with Southeastern Countries, for which Bushati exhibited the desire of the Albanian discretion amid this period.

“It is our desire to transform into a need what was talked about this time in Germany and what will be examined in the following years with the EU nations, furthermore with Austria, that will take after, so that the record of the gathering can progress thus that the components of the new EU way to deal with Balkan nations will likewise advance”, Bushati included.

Video Marketing: Successful Strategies for Implementation Tips From Page One Engine

video-marketing-page-one-engineYou may feel like stepping outside of the box. That means advertising your business in a new and unique way. This is a good thing, because that is how you are going to draw in more customers. To that end, video marketing is a great option for you because you have the potential to get in touch with many different people. The advice from Page One Engine and below will help you be successful with video marketing.

In the beginning, you simply have to be willing to give video marketing a go. It can be a little intimidating, so you need to play around with it. Get a feel for how it works and see what kind of results you get. There really is no “right” or “wrong,” so just tweak your strategy and see what happens.

YouTube is a great option because it has editing features that you can use. You can even put in annotations if you want. This is a great way to get the word out about something or even to offer a special deal.

If you have not been bitten by the acting bug, and you do not want to be featured in your videos, check out Google Search Stories. You can get information out to your users without having to star in your own show.

You never know when an idea for a video might strike you. Write it down so you don’t forget. Get it on tape as soon as you can. You might be tempted to wait until all the conditions are right, but it is most important to get the idea filmed while you are still passionate about it. That energy will carry over to your video. You do not necessarily need all the bells and whistles if you are just passionate about what you are doing.

A video marketing campaign is a great idea if you really want to get things rolling. This includes putting up videos on a daily basis for customers and potential customers to see. These should go on both your website as well as a site like YouTube. You can also email the videos and post them on Facebook and other social media sites.

Do you work with other people? Make them a part of the videos as well. One of your employees can be the star of the clips and someone else could work on the formatting. Tap into the talents that you have available.

It can be hard to come up with ideas day after day. The Internet is a great place to find more information. YouTube, of course, has a ton of videos. But, you can also find a lot of inspiration in other places online too. Dedicate a bit of time each day to searching for ideas.

Make sure you have quality content. Regardless of the subject of your video, you want it to be engaging for the viewers. Allow them to make comments. Ask a question in the video to try and elicit responses. Make sure you respond to any comments that are posted as well.

Video marketing can be a great tool, but it is important to become familiar with it. You can truly take your business to new heights with this method!