Jihadist purchased Italian visas in Kosova Sot

kosova_sot_jihadist_entreing_euThe visa embarrassment at the Italian consulate in Prishtina, which has included the child of the previous Kosovo President Rugova, Uke Rugova, has taken greater extents past the Adriatic, by putting in movement the police powers. Says Kosova Sot on their daily news paper!

Italian media report that three jihadist have purchased visa for 3500 Euros and entered Italy regularly. And this is just a case that was caught by journalist not to mention the ones that have done it before so many times!

It appears to be staggering, however it is valid. Italian police are attempting to discover these persons in their nation. Kosova Sot daily news paper says that Italian goverment should make more strict laws enterting their nation after lately so many Albanians are traveling and seeing for asylym in what ever nations they feel like. In the end asylum for Kosovo Albanians or neither Albanians shouldn’t be given at any case after both nations are doing good and have plenty of jobs in their nations.

So this is why this should stop. We can tell from fare away who is a tourist traveling and who is not, after not being so close to the travelers we deal now with this problem. Refuges in Italy from Albania, Kosovo should be return as soon as possible! Says Kosova Sot on their daily news paper.

This people are giving us Albanians a bad name the hard working Albanians etc, and this is why t his thing should stop till we are a part of European Union.

One of them has been accounted for dead in a blast in Iraq, while there is no sign for the two others, as indicated by Italian media.

The examination began from the Kosovo Eulex and was proceeded by the Rome Prosecutin, which, as per the Italian media, was held mystery on the grounds that it included a few authorities.

This incorporates the previous Italian diplomat in Prishtina, who has not came about under scrutiny as such, but rather was let go directly after the outrage.

Italian powers are attempting to discover hints of the jihadists, whose whereabouts stay obscure.

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