The Falcon (Hawk) Horoskopi Ditor Review – Mayan Astrology!

mayan-sings-horoskopi-ditorAs incredible experts of the prophetic control, Maya went to their horoscope which comprises of 13 signs that compare to the same number of creatures. The Maya progress, as it is known, was created in the Central America, in a domain that incorporates some piece of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

Their human progress shows up following 2000 BC, when the first development developments started around 300 years B.C. Maya had added to a composition framework and an estimation one which were taking into account two datebooks: the common (Haab) and the custom (Tzolkin). Indeed the Maya utilized the two timetables in the meantime, so to speak a solitary one. has done a very beautiful job explaining all zodiac signs into details and this is only not even 1% of what they explain in their official website!

Other than these two principle systems for ascertaining time, there was additionally the lunar year, comprising of 13 months of 28 days each, called the experimental year, or code of Paris, as it was found in Paris around 800 years back.


Convention: Falcon was viewed as holy by the Maya ministers. In the event that there was a hawk individual in the family it was an indication of thriving for all. As indicated by the mythology it is the last incarnation of the resurrection cycle: in the later life it was gone in an ensuing cycle with a more noteworthy advancement.

Character: The individuals who fit in with the indication of Falcon are solid and mindful. They have an endowment of an obligation sense. They have the components of an authority and deal with the individuals who encompass them. They have a magnificent personality and see effectively, helped by a photographic memory. It implies that they are extremely effective in concentrating on. Despite the fact that they have an exceptionally solid feeling of obligation, they detest taking requests and look for the greatest to be free. This can frequently show up in defiance.

Female: The bird of prey female has a troublesome character. She is extremely requesting: the individuals who are around her must dependably have something unique. To pull in her consideration one must be scholarly, animating and constantly prepared to fulfill her interests. She adores everything that expenses and which is lovely.

Male: To acknowledge a central change in life, the bird of prey male must be persuaded that this change is truly worth. It is exceptionally hard to recognize what he truly needs in light of the fact that he changes sentiment regularly. To draw in him one ought to have the capacity to get astounded always. He lean towards the lovely and shrewd ladies why should capable express a lot in a not very many words.

Work: The desire and the overseeing sentiments, make the Falcon oblige exercises that permit them to command over the others. Indeed, even inside the ordinary work they oblige dependably to be set in legitimate position. The best occupations for them are being a judge or lawmaker. They can likewise be fruitful in games or displays.

Partiality: Falcon runs well with the Owl and the Squirrel. They run best with the Serpent.

Powerless Points: Excessive substantial joys can be a hindrance for their energy.

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